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IR30 photosensors

The set of photosensors is a transmitter (TX) of infrared radiation modulated with the frequency of 1.92kHz and a selective receiver (RX) with a relay output. They are used to prevent the gate from closing when there is an obstacle in its light.

It should be remembered that the range of the photosensors can drop even by 30% in the case of rainfall, fog, smoke, etc. phenomena. When assembling, remember that the straight line perpendicular to the center of the transmitter and receiver base should match (so that the photocells look at each other accurately).

CE + declaration of conformity

- HATO confirms that the product meets the requirements of European Union directives.


- 24 months.

Photosensor specification

Supply voltage

12-24 V DC/AC

Current drawn

RX - 15 mA, TX - 30 mA


2-15 m

Infrared modulation frequency

1,92 kHz

Infrared wavelength

940 nm

Working temperature

-10 ; +70

Load capacity of the RX relay contacts

1 A, max. 36 V

Dimensions (RX and TX)

49,2 mm x 76 mm x 21,6 mm